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Strasburg High Guidance Department
250 Ram Drive
Strasburg, VA 22657
Phone: (540)-465-8111
Fax: (540)-465-9617


Contact Information:

Ms. Kathy Stewart - Registrar and Guidance Secretary

Ms. Brittany Cover - School Counselor - Students M - Z

Ms. Mackenzie Ford - School Counselor - Students A - D

Mrs. Devin Griffey - School Nurse

Mr. Billy Smelser - LFCC Career Coach

Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM          

Our school operates on a 4x4 Block Schedule.

Numerical                                           Average
Letter GradeGrade Points



Students will receive one (1) additional grade point for the successful completion of any Advanced Placement (AP) course. Students will receive one-half of an additional grade point for the successful completion of Calculus, Biology II, Biology II/Ecology, Biology II/Anatomy & Physiology II, Chemistry II, Earth Science II—Advanced Survey and/or Physics.

Honors courses are offered in most disciplines in grades 9-12 and are marked on the transcript by an H or Honors.


Additional AP classes are available online through Virtual Virginia, and are denoted on the transcript by a “Y” (yearlong course) or “Z” (semester course) after the course number. Dual Enrollment classes are also available and are denoted on the transcript by a “D” after the course number.

A select group of students are chosen each year to attend the Massanutten Regional Governor’s School for Environmental Science and Technology during their Junior and Senior years.Courses taken at the Governor’s School are marked by a “G” after the course number on the transcript.

The Shenandoah County Public Schools offers its students a varied and extensive curriculum.  In addition to regular courses, provisions are made for the student with special needs. Occupationally oriented students may enroll at Triplett Technical Center for half of the school day or take career and/or technical offerings at the high school. The secondary program of studies offers courses in the following curriculum levels. General courses designed to meet the curriculum needs of the majority of the students in the Shenandoah County Public Schools. Academic primarily college preparatory courses designed for students wishing to prepare for higher education. AP/Honors courses accelerated beyond grade level.  Any AP (Advanced Placement) courses represent at least first year college content.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Each Shenandoah County public high school is a member of the Virginia High School League and adheres to the reflations and requirements for membership and student participation.


 Grade Average and Rank in Class: Grade point average (gpa) is based on a 4.0 scale and is used to determine class rank, valedictorian, salutatorian, and honor graduates. a student’s overall gpa is computed by totaling all grade points earned and dividing by the total number of credits attempts. Several courses offered to students are weighted when calculating the gpa, as they are more academically rigorous and require a greater amount of work for course completion.  all ap courses receive one additional grade point for successful completion.  one-half point is given for successful completion of calculus, biology ii, biology ii/ecology, biology ii/anatomy & physiology ii, chemistry ii, earth science ii-advanced survey and/or physics.

Graduation Requirements: Three diplomas are available to secondary students in the Shenandoah County Public Schools. Requirements for graduation are based upon attaining twenty-four units of credit for an advanced studies diploma or twenty three units of credit for a standard diploma

The modified standard diploma program is intended for certain students at the secondary level who have an individualized education plan (IEP).

Massanutten Regional Governor's School: Massanutten Regional Governor's School opened in the fall of 2005 and is one of 18 academic-year governor's schools in the state of Virginia. MRGS offers a two-year 1/2 day program for highly gifted and academically motivated juniors and seniors. Participants take their mathematics, science, and english courses at MRGS and then return to their home school to take their other required courses and electives, as well as to participate in extra-curricular activities. 

Work Permits can be obtained through the Division of Labor and Industry website.  For more information please go to:

SAT Dates
  • Saturday, August 28th, 2021 - STRASBURG HIGH

SAT Registration will start Mid July 2021

I would advise showing up no later than 7:45 for getting checked in and into your testing area.

If you do have questions please call our office at (540)465-8111.